Gluten Free Cranberry Lemon Biscottis

For the past few months, I’ve been struggling with intense bloating and abdominal discomfort.  It’s something that’s gotten progressively worse over the last few months and eventually, I started experiencing these symptoms every day. I would wake up with a hard, slightly bloated stomach leftover from the night before, and end my day with a stomach that looked like the size of a balloon.

As someone who eats healthy, exercises regularly, rarely drinks alcohol, doesn’t like soda and drinks plenty of water, I was incredibly frustrated with my current situation. It felt like no matter what I ate or what I did, I was going to be bloated.

As a future registered dietitian, my obvious philosophy on food is that it is so important to the way our body functions and operates.  Clean food in should equal clean bodily movements.  Avoiding alcohol, soda, and other overly citrusy fruits should reduce the symptoms of bloating and discomfort. So why hadn’t this worked for me?